Nail Q&A

Hey guys! I thought that is would be a great idea to have my first blog post be a q&a. The reason is so that you guys could get to know me a bit.


What is your favorite nail polish brand? My favorite brand is OPI because their nail polish is thin and easy to apply 🙂

How many bottles do you own? About 80, I’m working hard to get that number up though 😉

What products would you recommend? My two favorite nail products would have to be Bliss Kiss cuticle oil and my Orly nail polish thinner.

*Both of my recommended products are small, but you don’t need a lot. A little goes a long way for both. I have had the same bottle of cuticle oil since Christmas and it is still halfway full. 🙂

Holosexual? Of course! Who isn’t?!

*Answer these questions down in the comments so I can learn a little bit about you! Also make sure to follow my blog and be apart of the community. ❤

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