OOTD : Spring Blossom

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Honestly, I’m ready for summer to get here. I decided to mix in a little spring and a little summer with my look. 😛 The statement piece is the pants. These pants are the BOMB! I have the link if you want to buy them 😉 , just click ➡ here! The brand is A New Way, which is a Target company. May I point out that these pants are really comfy?! They are $27.99, a normal price. I also wore a shirt from the same company, A New Way. Link to the shirt right ➡ here! The shirt is a crew neck and it’s $8.00. I spent a lot of time trying to come up with something to pair it with. I found that a spaghetti strap tank top and a crew t-shirt work the best with these pants. These are the colors I think go well with this : black, white, yellow, and navy. I wore a flower ring from Versona. They don’t sell the ring anymore, but I will however leave a link so you can still look at the site. Click ➡ here! This ring was the last ring of it’s kind (score!) and I got it on sale for $5.oo (double score!). My shoes are hand-me-downs from my mom so I have no idea where they are from 😀 . The brand name is rubbed off from being worn so…yeah!My Post (11)I also wanted to bring a little kick to the look, so I complimented the blue pants with some firetruck red lipstick. The lipstick is from Clinique but I don’t know which color ( sorry 😀 ). I’ll still link their website though! Just click ➡ here! I also wore some huge gold earrings. They were also my mom’s and I also don’t know where they are from (hehe). If you are wondering if my hair is naturally wavy or straight, you can probably tell by the picture, but my hair is naturally wavy. Oh! Those braces you see in the picture, they won’t be there in 14 days (2 weeks!). I will be getting them off soon, finally! I’ve had them for 2 and a half years!

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