OOTD : Grayscale Summer

Hey guys! So many people LOVED my first outfit of the day post so I decided to do…………. anotheronelol sorry (not sorry 😀 )

Anyways…this is my outfit 🙂 . I really love these shorts. They were $24.99 from

My Post (15).jpg Versona. I checked the website (they don’t have the shorts anymore) but I found two shorts that are similar for the same price. I found one pair that are the same style but not same pattern and one that is the same pattern but not the same style 😀 .

Here’s the link to the style shorts ➡ same style

Here’s the link to the pattern shorts ➡ same pattern

This outfit is exactly the same as the last OOTD, except I have on different shorts…that are the same style…shut up. 😀 . If you want to know about the other items in this look just click this link ➡ click me!

Well that’s it for this post 🙂

I hope you guys liked this blog post 🙂 If you thought this post was informative, please like this blog posts so that I will know. Your support means the world to me, so please, join the community by following. ❤

Enjoy the rest of my photos from the photo session ❤



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