6 OUTRAGEOUS Nail Designs.

Hey guys! I found some really nail designs that are pretty much impossible for someone else to recreate. Let’s get to the list 🙂


  1. These fingernails kill. Watch out.


2. This is titled as “dog show”, but I have never been to this type of dog show before lol.


3. These are super pretty, but what outfit would they go with?  😀


4. If you thought number 3 was cool, you better rethink your decision; this one has a tree!

asian nails.jpg

5. This nail artist really likes breakfast…me too!

over the top nails.jpg

6. These nails look like they encourage nail biting… 😛

candy nails

7. This nail artist loves Christmas…can you tell?

crazy christmas nails..jpg

REMEMBER! : Try to recreate one of these designs (it doesn’t have too be good at all, I’m posting all recreations that are sent to me)and send it to my email : nailsbyemma14@gmail.com and I will feature your recreation in a post. I will credit your photo with your website (free shoutout) 🙂 .

I hope you guys liked this blog post 🙂 If you thought this post was informative, please like this blog posts so that I will know. Your support means the world to me, so please, join the community by following. ❤


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