Everyday Habits That Are Destroying YOUR Nails!

Hey guys! I might not post as much in summer because well…I gotta live my life haha. Anyways, here’s things that you are doing that ruins your nails.

Eating the wrong foods

Everyone knows that you need to eat healthy to gain nutrients from your foods. You need to eat the right amount of everything. Without your daily nutrients, you start to notice decrease in energy and it can make your nails weaker! We wouldn’t want that! 🙂


Cleaning the house

I am not saying to stop cleaning your house. PLEASE clean your house! The solution to this would be to put cleaning gloves on. The chemicals from cleaning products can damage your nails by weakening them, making them easier to break.


Turns out gardening can ruin your nails because you can get fungus from the soil. Also while gardening, you are probably exposing your nails to potential sun damage. To avoid this, wear a pair of sturdy gloves while gardening.

Tapping your fingers

Tapping your fingers on the table is a habit that you need to break if you do it (as well as fingernail biting). This wears down the nails and makes your nails breakable. If you can’t break the habit, try a nail-hardening clear top coat.

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