Meghan’s Wedding Mani!



I mean, the biggest topic today is Meghan and Harry’s wedding, right?! If you came here, you’re probably wondering what nail polish she wore on her big day. Luckily, you came to the right place! She wore Essie’s Ballet Slippers, which is the Queen’s favorite nail polish. The nail polish is on sale for $7.97 which is less than its original price of $9.00. You can buy it by clicking on this link ➡ buy the nail polish! Meghan stuck to the royal rules for her wedding day manicure. Royals are expected to wear their nails neat, clean, and groomed at all times( which makes sense, your supposed to be leading an example. We wouldn’t want a royal to have gross dirty nails 😀 ). If Meghan is not going to wear her nails bare, nude nail polish is allowed, as is one particular shade of pink: Essie Ballet Slippers (so it’s no surprise that it’s the shade Meghan picked). Apparently Meghan has a favorite nail salon! It’s located in the town Mayfair called Nails & Brows (quite classic). Manicures at this salon vary from $30 to $80 depending on the add-ons you choose.

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