OOTD : Flower Child

Hey ya’ll! I know I haven’t posted for a while, it’s summer, I’m having fun 🙂 . You guys don’t know this about me…but I’m a bit of a 60’s freak! I’m a flower child in the 21 century. I mean…my dream car is a Volkswagen 1963 micro bus! Anyways…let’s get on with the post!My Post (8) First things first…life update! I got my braces off (finally!) I have been waiting for 2 and a half years to get my braces off. I was so scared to get them off, honestly, I don’t know why I was so scared. I mean…it was sort of painful when they were “drilling” the glue off of my teeth but other than that…no pain!My Post (9) On to my outfit! 😀 So I REALLY love this outfit, for sure one of my favorites! I could have worn a choker with this outfit to make it even more “hippie” but decided not to. Instead, I wore a long, gold tassel necklace. I also wore so big round glasses made by Juicy Couture that I bought at Kohl’s. They were cheap, not $100 and up like other sunglasses on their site 🙂 .My Post (10)  For my outfit, I wore I patterned jumpsuit. I am in love with this outfit! The legs of the jumpsuit are boot-cut and end at my ankles. They have slits on both pant legs that run up to the knee. When I wore this outfit out in public, most people thought it was a dress ( I’m tricky like that 😛 ). Unfortunately, I was not able to include any links because I was not able to find any of the outfit pieces online. So I apologize for that 🙂 . But that’s it for this OOTD 😀 !

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